10 Best Reasons To Call An Electrician [Infographic]

Electricians play an important role in keeping our power, appliances and lights functional. Most people have limited knowledge of electrical wiring and it is illegal to perform repairs unless you are licensed. Electricians install and maintain appliances correctly to ensure a safe environment for you to live in. If you have an older home then repairs and upgrades will be more common. In Australia there are certain regulations that require systems to comply with electrical codes. This demands for each home to keep up with the changes. In this infographic we explore the top 10 reasons to call an electrician at home.


10 Reasons To Call An Electrician Infographic

1. Sparks

Sparks can be very dangerous and you should contact your nearest electrician as soon as posiible. It could be the result of a short circuit which can lead to other issues. A short cicuit causes heat to build up around the receptacle, causing insultion to melt and wires become exposed.

2. Too Many Wires

If your home resembles a snakepit of tangled wires under rugs and furniture, you need a professional electrician to organise your wiring. This can become a dangerous environment and poses potential health risks. Installing new outlets will help you manage your appliances.

3. Outlets That Don’t Deliver

In the case of an outlet that delivers no electricity when an electrical appliance is plugged in, you should call an electrician to check it out. The outlet may be damaged or has faulty wiring. The cause could also be from another outlet if it is part of a daisy chain.

4. Circuit Breaker Problems

If your circuit breaker trips frequently or you experience more than normal fuse blowouts, you’ll need a certified electrician. Repeatedly replacing fuses is not a solution, the system will continue experiencing the fault until an electrical contractor corrects it. This can also indicate a potentially hazardous situation at home with one or more circuits.

5. Flickering lights

Flickering or dimming lights when some appliances are added to the electrical load. Many appliances that operate a motor usually draw excessive electrical current. This calls for a dedicated circuit to serve these appliances.

6. No Safety Switch

If you have a bathroom or kitchen with no safety switch then your house is not up to the current code. The safety switch cuts off electricity whenever it senses an overload therefore protecting you from shocks. These should be installed in any place near water like the bathroom and kitchen.

7. Surge Protection

Voltage surge can cause damage to your electrical and electronics at home. The surges can result from external factors including lightning, power irregularity or when large appliances are turned off. By consulting a licensed electrician, your electrical and electronics can be protected from the surges whenever they occur.

8. Energy Efficient Lighting

If you still have older incandescent light bulbs it’s time to upgrade. These lights have now been phased out and replaced with energy efficient lighting. These include light emitting diodes (LEDs) and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

9. Moving House

Moving can be an exciting experience however, you need to take care of your electricity needs before you can relax or move out of an old house. Before putting your home on the market, you must ensure it is safe and complies with regulations from your local Government. Faulty outlets must be replaced and repaired before putting the house for sale or rent. Likewise, when moving into a new home, always request a full electrical safety report prior to moving in.

10. Old Homes

If your house has never experienced an electrical upgrade in the last 30 years, then the wiring is outdated and dangerous. Those built between 1965 and 1972 have aluminium wiring instead of copper which requires an upgrade. A certified electrician can help you upgrade your wiring to the comply with Government regulations.

The 10 reasons to call an electrician can apply to anyone unless your home has just been built. If you have an older home or experience any of the signs above always talk to an expert. Many homes show obvious symptoms of neglect but are often ignored. If you have questions or need to talk with a professional contact Pro Electrician Melbourne today and get the answers you need.

In this article we have covered the best reasons to contact an electrician, if you have more reasons to add to the list please leave them in the comments below.