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Pro Electrician Melbourne has over ten years’ experience in the design and installation of LED lighting.

Are your lighting costs getting out of hand? Do you constantly worry about the amount of lights that are on every night in your home or at your business premises?

Here are the facts:

  • Lighting accounts for between 8% to 15% of your electricity usage in your home and 6% of your energy use.
  • In a typical commercial building, lighting accounts for approximately 38% of total electricity consumption and 20% of the energy usage.

Have you ever considered changing to LED lighting for your home or business?

If you think that the energy savings will not justify the cost, think again.

Advantages of LED over conventional lighting:

  1. LED lighting is a highly efficient consumer of electricity and will drastically cut your electricity bills. The average electricity consumption of an LED is less than half that of a compact fluorescent (CFL) and one-tenth that of an incandescent bulb.
  2. LED lights have an extremely long lifespan. An LED typically has a lifespan of 50,000 hours as compared with compact fluorescents at 8,000 hours and incandescent bulbs at 1,200 hours. Light replacements are needed far less often than conventional lighting, so not only is your consumption cost much reduced, but so too is your maintenance costs.
  3. LED lights are robust and difficult to damage. It can tolerate considerable bumping and jarring whereas the glass in conventional lighting is easy broken. As such, LED’s are much more vandal proof.
  4. LED Lighting emits much less heat than conventional lighting, and can reduce your air-conditioning costs.
  5. LED Lights have a low carbon footprint as it emits less CO2 than conventional lighting.
  6. LED Lights contain no mercury, lead or any other toxic elements.
  7. LED Lighting does not emit any ultra violet (UV) light, which can be harmful to people and has the added advantage of not attracting insects.
  8. LED Lights can be better focused on a particular area than conventional lighting, which means there is no wasted lighting in areas that do not require illumination.
  9. In outdoor locations, LED Lighting can provide a wide area of light without the usual glare of conventional lighting.
  10. LED Lights never flicker, which reduces the incidence of headaches and other health disorders.
  11. A majority of the materials used in an LED light are recyclable.

As can be seen from the above, it makes a lot of sense to look into the feasibility of changing some – or all – of your lighting from conventional to LED.

This is where Pro Electrician Melbourne comes in.

If you are located in the Melbourne Metropolitan area you can do no better than contact us, as we are leading experts in the field of LED. Our fully qualified staff can design and install a wide range of LED lighting for your home, office, shop, warehouse, factory or public building. Whether it is a simple LED light for your garden pond or garage, or an entire indoor/outdoor lighting system for your shopping centre or public building, we are here to serve your needs.

Pro Electrician Melbourne can come to your home to help you plan and design stylish LED lighting solutions for your house and garden.

We can also design and install LED applications for commercial and public buildings. We can provide recessed canopy lighting for petrol stations, hospitals, hotels and universities; we can install LED lighting for open loading docks, fire stairs & exits, car park entries, undercover car parks, service corridors, emergency lighting, vandal proof lighting, and so much more.

Our expert technicians will provide you with a friendly, efficient and highly professional service which will be delivered on time to agreed deadlines. All our work is priced very competitively and is compliant with the Australian Standard & Australian Building Code. It carries our long-term, 100% guarantee. We never leave until you are satisfied.

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