DIY Carpet Cleaning Checklist

Clean Your Carpets Like A Pro

You may be unaware of the influence your carpet has on your indoor air quality. It may hold dust and other small particles that may affect those with respiratory conditions in the household.

The dust from your carpets may also accumulate on your furniture surfaces, forcing you to keep dusting without long-term results. That said, it would be best to give your carpet a good scrub once in a while. You can choose a day when you’re free and give your carpet a deep clean. Thanks to the team at NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne who generously offered their expertise in putting together this guide.


Benefits of DIY Carpet Cleaning

Carpet adds a sense of comfort to your home. It is most needed during the winter when you don’t have to feel the cold floor. Hence, giving your carpet a deep cleaning helps to remove dust and prevent the spread of bacteria and allergens. It’s more than just keeping your home sparkling clean but also ensuring that you and your family remain healthy.

With that, here are a few advantages of cleaning your carpet by yourself.

Increased Carpet Life

The daily constant foot traffic makes the carpet vulnerable to detrition. Also, dust, dirt, and other stains become embedded into the carpet, which causes the carpet quality to deteriorate over time. However, you may not afford to call for professional carpet cleaning every time, which calls for you to take the necessary action.

You may vacuum your carpet often, but this won’t help maintain the carpet’s quality. Giving your carpet a deep clean now and then ensures that your carpet remains colorful and bright. Thus, you can enjoy using a carpet since the fibers are refreshed and make your carpet look new.


Maintain a Healthy Environment

You may be far from your next scheduled carpet cleaning by professionals. However, cleaning your carpet ensures that you prevent the accumulation of grime, dust, dirt, and fur that will have adverse effects on your respiratory health. Cleaning your carpet prevents the accumulation of various debris and maintains your family’s health. Moreover, your carpet may also hold fur from your pets that can trigger allergic reactions to some people.


Remove Odors

There may be odors coming from your carpet due to spills and pet mishaps. This odor may affect your indoor air quality and makes the living space uncomfortable. Thus, giving your carpet a deep clean ensures that you eliminate the mustiness emanating from the carpet. This leaves your carpet smelling all fresh and promotes your home’s comfort.


Low Cleaning Costs

It won’t cost you as much to clean your carpet yourself as hiring a professional carpet cleaner. All you have to do is invest your time and effort to give your carpet a deep scrub. Thus, apart from the cleaning products’ cost, DIY carpet cleaning is relatively cheaper than hiring a cleaning service.


Carpet Cleaning Checklist Guide

There are various carpet cleaning methods that you could take to give your carpet a smooth scrub. Here are some DIY tips to help with your carpet cleaning efforts.

1. Vacuum

It’s important to give your carpet a deep vacuum every week. This way, you can prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt, and pet fur. In addition to, it is important to use the right vacuum. It is highly recommended to choose vacuum that has HEPA filter. This machine can suck up dirt and dust without putting it back into the air.  Plus, it can catch dirt and allergens on different surfaces.  


2. Deep Cleaning

There are various cleaning methods that you can apply to your carpet based on the stains and the carpet fabric. Furthermore, here are some common cleaning methods include:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Foam encapsulation
  •  Bonnet cleaning
  •  Dry carpet cleaning

Evaluate which cleaning method will be best for your carpet and determine what you’ll need. After that, check whether you have some of the required cleaning products and determine whether you can hire some cleaning equipment.


3. Cleaning Products

Professional carpet cleaners recommend some must-have products that you should have at home for cleaning your carpet. Some of these items include:

  • White Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Club soda for removal of wine stains
  • Wipes

Each will work for various types of stains. Hence, identify what you’re dealing with and ensure you have enough supply of these essential cleaning products.


4. Create a Cleaning Schedule

Have a plan for cleaning your carpet and set aside a suitable time.  This helps you create a routine that allows you to feel less stressed.  You can also know when to handle the cleaning yourself and when to call the professionals.


Ensure that you maintain a consistent cleaning routine to guarantee your carpet’s longevity and maintain indoor air quality. Furthermore, a clean carpet adds to your home’s overall clean feeling.